Customer Flow Management - eAppointment

Empower your customer to drive the service request.

The customer journey does not start when your customer enters your branch. eAppointment enables your customer wherever they may be to commence their journey and be confident of receiving the correct service by the qualified staff member with the correct skill set. Our customer flow management solutions are designed to control your clients journey. Our solutions have already been distributed to banks, retail outlets, health care services and postal offices. Our customised customer flow solutions enhance your customer experience  by utilising information so that you can provide the best service to your clients.


Consider being a bank, our customer flow management solutions will allow you to arrange an appointment online through any smart device, iphone, ipad, windows or android device. Through a short series of registration questions our software can identify your best member of staff to deal with the querie. Additional information can be analysed to provide after sales or additional services that the customer may require.

Nobody likes waiting in a queue

It’s boring. It’s frustrating. You have more important things to do. Wouldn't it be great if you didn't have to?

In a partnership with Ark Consultancy Solutions, ESII bring you ‘eAppointment’, a revolutionary customer flow management system for your smartphone or tablet.


The power is in your hands

You can control when you want to join the queue minutes, hours, or even days in advance. Once confirmed, you can also delay and in some cases advance your position in the queue with just one click, so you won’t have to worry about missing your slot if your plans change.

Wherever you are, you can pick your place in the queue ahead of time, and be served straight away as soon as you arrive.


Experts in customer flow management

Venues using this app can determine exactly when the peak times will occur that day, helping them to manage their staff efficiently. It is compatible with your existing queuing systems and can be installed quickly and easily.

We understand the resources and strategy behind making a successful and efficient queue. We believe that we have developed the perfect solution with eAppointment to all your customer flow management needs.


Real Life Benefits - Customer Flow Management

Increased revenue
Increased cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
Better pre-qualified end customers
Efficient usage of resources
Significant reduction in costs
In depth understanding of what our customers require, now and in the future
Real time data analysis and reporting
Modern usage of today’s devices of choice

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