How Customer Flow Management works


  • Just about any kind of service is compatible with this app from banking and finance to retail and healthcare.
  • The app allows complete cohesiveness between customers and staff making for a smooth workload and less waste.
  • This is the modern way to tackle queuing, using today’s devices of choice for your customers.
  • If you know exactly when some of your customers are arriving, you can better allocate your staff for the most efficient service and use of resources.
  • You can focus on managing unplanned visits much better once you have the planned visits under control.
  • We also offer real time data analysis and reporting, so you can see exactly how the eAppointment app is working for you.
  • Staff alerts are available to let the right member of staff know when their appointment is arriving.


Real Life Benefits - Customer Flow Management

Increased revenue
Increased cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
Better pre-qualified end customers
Efficient usage of resources
Significant reduction in costs
In depth understanding of what our customers require, now and in the future
Real time data analysis and reporting
Modern usage of today’s devices of choice

Find Your Customer Flow Management Solutions

  • Visitors Recieved
  • Appointment only reception
  • Orders pick-up management



  • Banking & Financial
  • Post Office
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
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