Real Life Benefits

The recent Channel 4 television programme, hosted by Mary Portas, highlighted the time we all expect to wait in a queue as no more than 3 minutes.  Actuality showed that we wait for almost 3 times this in a bank, Post Office or supermarket and regularly complain about it.


However the banks and shops are unable to do anything to speed this up.  There is a now a solution to this problem.  The smart-phone application from ESII / Ark allows the customer to control when they want to join the queue, minutes, hours or even days in advance.  The customer has the option to delay, and in some instances even advance, the time they have chosen truly placing the power of choice in their hands.


The benefits to the bank, retailer, restaurant or even sports arena are increased opportunities for Up-sell and Cross-sell, more effective staff scheduling, better staff efficiency, and perhaps most importantly a happy and satisfied customer who will return again and again!


  • The eAppointment app will improve your working practices and save you time.
  • Using this app will increase revenue for your organisation and reduce your running costs
  • Your business will attract better pre-qualified end customers.
  • You will be able to guarantee your customers a short wait in your queue.
  • Less waiting time in your queue means that your customers will enjoy the experience more, and be more likely to come back.
  • Using this app will support an image of professionalism and organisation in your business.
  • You will benefit from increased cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.



Real Life Benefits - Customer Flow Management

Increased revenue
Increased cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
Better pre-qualified end customers
Efficient usage of resources
Significant reduction in costs
In depth understanding of what our customers require, now and in the future
Real time data analysis and reporting
Modern usage of today’s devices of choice

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